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Finisher’s Fastlane

The Key to Finishing What You Start and Achieving Your Goals

Our system is the essential to doing the Deep Work that will lastly let you end up and begin whatever you require to do to achieve your objectives.
Do you seem like you’re overruning with concepts and brand-new chances, however you do not understand where to begin?
We have useful actions to assist you zoom out, focus on, and deal with what matters.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Finisher’s Fastlane:


  • 5 Focus Hacks to enhance your focus right away— you can do these TODAY and feel the outcomes quickly
  • How to get clearness on your huge objective and vision for the future
  • How to arrange your calendar and schedule for Deep Work
  • How to prioritize your jobs and jobs so you constantly concentrate on the best things
  • How to arrange your desk and workplace for ideal focus and efficiency
  • How to discover the ONE THING you require to deal with— even if you have 100+ products on your order of business today
  • The best method to pleasantly handle an employer or supervisor who interrupts your focus (and return to your work that matters)
  • How to state no without harming anybody’s sensations, so you can securely prioritize your focus
  • How to stabilize numerous, contending objectives from numerous sources (necessary if you operate in a business setting)– Elite just
  • The power of customized discussion, and how Brooks’s colleague utilized it to land an incredible promo deal–Elite just

You’ll get these focus boosters by means of:

  • 38videos that take you through our focus system action by action.
  • Action strategies to assist you put the info into concrete action.
  • All the discussion slides, so you can quickly examine the information from the videos.
  • 38records, so you can check out along at your own speed.

3 Bonuses Guaranteed to Boost Your Focus:

1. Procrastination Masterclass ($199worth)

Learn our 6 useful strategies for beating procrastination, so you constantly get done what require to, when you require to.

This will work for you:

    If you’re a persistent procrastinator with a life-long practice of beginning your jobs at the last minute


  • Even.
  • Even if you feel unrestrained and can’t “require yourself” to do things
  • Even if you’ve currently attempted a million various things, like gratifying and penalizing yourself, getting a responsibility partner, or scheduling times when you “do not put things off.”
  • Even if you have a routine of messing around with app settings, color coding your calendar, and arranging all the files on your desktop instead of swing into action and doing your work


No more late nights offseting lost time. This course is not offered for sale anywhere else, so get it now while you can– complimentary. You’ll find out:

  • How to take a seat and begin operating in 5 minutes, no matter how uninspired you feel
  • How to dominate the overwhelm avoiding you from beginning a task, even if you need to check out 10+ e-mails and check out 5 various files simply to begin
  • When you’re waiting on input or deliverables from another individual


  • How to identify what you can begin on.

2. Shiny New Object Masterclass ($199worth)

If you lose focus or get sidetracked quickly, this ultra-specific masterclass is for you. You’ll find out how to state “no” to time-wasting apps, and how to prevent the trap of trying order of business app after order of business app.

This Masterclass will assist you even if:

  • You have a history of registering for online courses, taking 20% of the product, and not following through
  • You have a routine of registering for every brand-new efficiency app that comes out, hoping this will lastly be the one that assists you work and focus on your objectives
  • You’ve begun and stopped 10+ various efficiency systems … GTD, 12 Week Year, you call it


No more time-wasting hours invested establishing apps and checking out random article. We’ll assist you cut through the sound of glossy brand-new items and concentrate on what matters. You’ll find out:


  • How to conserve that glossy brand-new things for later on, so you can concentrate on what you require to now– without stressing you’ll ignore something you may wish to attempt later on
  • How to rapidly measure an app to see if it’s worth your time (tip: this is something a great deal of individuals do not think about, and it will rapidly inform you whether an app has durability or is simply a flash in the pan)
  • How to select a system (whether it’s note taking, utilizing a calendar, establishing an order of business, or something else) and persevere enough time to see whether it’ll work … say goodbye to leaping from system to system, just for each one to blow over

3. Focus for Parents Masterclass ($199worth)

It can be tough to focus when you’re accountable not simply for yourself, however extra people who depend upon you for whatever!

This will work for you, even if:

  • Last-minute modifications in your kids’ strategies are continuously tossing a wrench in your schedule
  • You can never ever get a peaceful half-hour alone to concentrate on your work
  • You can’t think of getting up early for “me” time, since you’re too tired and even if you did, your kid would get up, discover you, and pull you into a crayon/homework/cartoon vortex

We’ve talked to 50+ moms and dads to discover the focus methods that work, no matter how insane your schedule is or how young your kids are. You’ll find out:

  • How to get at least 1 strong hour a day to yourself for Deep Work
  • How to acquire control of your schedule, no matter the number of times the sitter cancels at the last minute or science jobs need to be both ended up the night and began prior to
  • How to muffle the interruptions and focus– no matter just how much kid-induced turmoil is going on in the background

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